Dr. Paul Rozakis

Dr. Paul Rozakis


Dr. Paul Rozakis graduated from Laval University in 2020 and is a member of the Order of Dentists of Quebec and the Association of Dentists of Quebec. The health of the population is particularly close to his heart, he also holds a degree in kinesiology from McGill University and has invested in many roles and projects throughout his university career, always with the motivation to better help people. He has conducted academic research on health-related illnesses and has also volunteered as a first responder for St. John Ambulance.


Dr. Rozakis wishes to continually develop his knowledge and expertise through continuing education. Among other things, he is particularly interested in new technologies and the art of modern dentistry. He aims to broaden his knowledge in order to offer his patients the best possible quality of care.


Passionate about sports, Dr. Rozakis always aims to surpass himself. He understands that oral health is a reflection of the overall health of the individual. He wishes to put forward a holistic approach to care with his patients, and encourage them to promote healthy habits at all levels.


You can confidently put your health in his hands. He will know how to take care of it!