Aesthetic case of the week

Aesthetic case of the week

Mrs Watson*, a young patient in her fifties, came to us with the chief complaint that she was ashamed of her smile. She found it too yellow. Her front teeth were not even, one was too long and the other too short. Her teeth were not harmonious with the rest of her body image.

For year she did not dare show her teeth when she smiled. She came with a photo of herself in her younger years, asking if it was possible to give her back that smile.

After careful examination of her teeth and gums, and in depth discussion with the patient to determine her needs, wants and budget, it was established that Mrs Watson could benefit from a set of front crowns. Mrs Watson was shown what the final result would look like. She approved the aesthetics.

We then proceeded to the preparation for the crowns, and placed temporary crowns on her teeth. With the temporary crowns the aesthetics of her teeth was already greatly improved. She then proceeded to whitening the rest of her teeth.

A few days later we replaced the temporary crowns by the final crowns. These are  whiter and brighter as per her demands.





*While this is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the identity of our patients.

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