What is fluoride used for?

What is fluoride used for?

Have you ever heard of fluoride and have questions about it? It is completely normal to have questions about dental care, as well as the elements that make it up.

We believe that well-informed people are better equipped to achieve optimal oral health. That’s why our team of professionals has answered the most common questions about fluoride here.


What is fluoride?


Fluoride is a natural mineral. We find it in different forms in our natural environment, notably in certain types of rocks, in soil and in water. It is also a trace element which is essential for the proper functioning of our body, since it is a major constituent of our bone and cartilaginous tissues, such as our skeleton and our teeth.



Is fluoride good for teeth?


Decades of research have proven that fluoride is an element that has many beneficial effects for oral health. Fluoride strengthens enamel, the protective lining that covers your teeth, against the effects of acids created by bacteria and sugars in your mouth. Fluoride thus helps prevent cavities in children, just as it does in adults, by making teeth less sensitive to these acid attacks. Read this article to learn more about the negative effects of sugar on your teeth.


Is fluoride good for your health?


Generally, it is recommended to use a toothpaste containing fluoride. Fluoride, in adequate amounts, is an effective and safe tool to use in addition to brushing and flossing to achieve optimal oral health. Dental hygiene products generally contain it, thus offering maximum protection against cavities to all people who use them.


Although fluoride is generally good for the health of your mouth, it is important not to consume it in excess. Excess fluoride should indeed be avoided, because it can cause the appearance of dental fluorosis, which is characterized by the appearance of stains on the teeth.


More particularly with regard to children, certain precautions should be taken. It is necessary to apply the quantities of toothpaste recommended by professionals according to their age in order to avoid hypopigmentation of tooth enamel. It is, therefore, important to supervise your children’s tooth brushing in order to ensure that the appropriate amounts of dental products are used on a daily basis.

If you have any doubts about the use of fluoride in the dental products you and your family use, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our medical team. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to know what is right for your oral health. This is why our professionals are here to support you and offer you personalized advice on the best habits to adopt.

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