Archives : April 2016

Doctor, it’s Chloe’s first time!

   Is it your child’s first visit at the dentist? Make sure you prepare your child. One important thing is to talk about your dentist with nice words only. Describe the experience as a fun one. Always present the experience as positive 🙂 If you are particularly scared of the dentist it is important to […]

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Transforming Dentistry: Australian Researcher Uses BioPrinting to Engineer New Jaw & Gum Cells

What about toothaches, anxiety-producing procedures, and terrifying bills that immediately erase all hope of that Bahamian vacation? Are those becoming obsolete? Some pretty amazing things are going on in the dental industry, however, thanks to the new technology—and when it comes to that next complex procedure—you may find help from your own cells and 3D printing […]

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