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Our top 12 tips to help your child brush their teeth

Your child is now old enough to be independent in brushing his teeth, but you have to fight twice a day to get him to agree to do it? It’s not always easy to make your child want to brush their own teeth. Here are some tips tested by parents and approved by dentists!   […]

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All about baby teeth

It can be worrying for a parent to take good care of their baby’s or child’s teeth. There are many questions! When do the first teeth arrive? How can I take good care of my child’s oral hygiene? At what age does he start to lose his baby teeth? We will try to answer all […]

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Doctor, it’s Chloe’s first time!

   Is it your child’s first visit at the dentist? Make sure you prepare your child. One important thing is to talk about your dentist with nice words only. Describe the experience as a fun one. Always present the experience as positive 🙂 If you are particularly scared of the dentist it is important to […]

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