Dental emergencies : what to do?

Dental emergencies : what to do?

An accident has just happened and you need to see a dentist urgently? Do not worry! These are things that happen and our dental clinic in Laval will be able to take care of you in order to remedy the situation. Here’s what you need to do!

Contact your Dentist in Laval

Don’t delay and call us directly to make an appointment for a dental emergency. We offer quick appointments, often same day, for patients with dental emergencies. Do not wait for the pain to get worse or for the situation to deteriorate and contact us quickly to make an appointment.

Now, let’s see what to do while waiting for your appointment at our Laval dental clinic.

What if you have a broken tooth?

A broken tooth is not just a cosmetic concern. It is essential to contact the dental clinic as soon as possible in order to plan a repair. The treatment will differ from situation to situation depending on the fracture.

– Collect the broken piece of tooth if possible.
– Store it carefully in a clean and safe place while waiting for your appointment. It can be in a glass of milk, in sterile saline, or even in your mouth (be careful not to swallow it accidentally).
– Gently wash the injured area with lukewarm water.
– Use ice water compresses on the wound to relieve pain.
– Make an emergency dentist appointment.

What if you have an extruded tooth?

Rather have you lost an entire tooth? Here are the steps to follow:

– Be careful not to touch the roots of the tooth, they are fragile and you could damage them. Instead, take the tooth by the crown, which is the part that usually points towards the middle of your mouth.
– Collect the lost tooth.
– If it’s dirty, rinse it gently under running water without rubbing it.
– Gently place the tooth back into its socket.
– If this is not possible, store it in a glass of milk, sterile saline solution, or in your mouth.
– Apply ice to the affected area.
– Make an emergency dentist appointment.

What to do if you have an abscess or swelling?

– Rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day.
– Apply warm water compresses to the cheek.
– Take a pain reliever as needed.
– If the pain persists, make an emergency dentist appointment.

What if you have a mouth injury?

Serious bite to the tongue or lips? Here’s what to do if you have bleeding or swelling:

– Put pressure on the injured area with a clean cloth to stop the bleeding.
– Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.
– If the bleeding persists, make an emergency appointment with the dentist.

What if you have a toothache?

– Take a pain reliever for pain relief.
– Remember that this only masks the pain temporarily. Depending on the cause, it will probably come back. It would be nice to make an appointment with the dentist for a full exam.


If in doubt, contact us and we will be able to guide you to the right solution according to your problem.

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