4 myths about teeth whitening

4 myths about teeth whitening

Do you hear all kinds of information about teeth whitening and can’t tell what’s true from what isn’t? Our dentists are finally giving you the facts and dissecting the myths about teeth whitening!


Myth # 1: Teeth whitening makes teeth sensitive

There is a grain of truth behind this myth, but it is probably not what you think! First, let’s answer the question everyone is asking: NO, teeth whitening does not make teeth more sensitive in the long term.


The myth could come from 2 places: homemade tooth whitening or the way teeth whitening works.


With homemade teeth whitening, you may experience pain if the product comes in contact with your gums. This is a problem that can be reduced with teeth whitening by a dentist, since the aligners are custom-designed to perfectly fit the shape of your teeth.


Then, some people may feel more sensitivity during the treatment, but this usually goes away after a few days. The reason is very simple: how teeth whitening works. To whiten teeth properly, the whitening product must penetrate the enamel of the tooth in order to make a molecular reaction. To do this, the pores of your teeth open to let it in and out. This is why your teeth may be more sensitive during treatment and why you should not eat foods that stain during this time.


Myth # 2: Teeth whitening destroys tooth enamel

It depends on the product you are using. Unfortunately, some homemade or over-the-counter products can damage tooth enamel, often due to an abrasive agent. This polishes the stains on the surface, giving the appearance of whiter teeth, but also destroying your tooth enamel.


This is why it is important to consult your dentist who will use a product approved by Health Canada and which will not damage your tooth enamel. In addition, the dentist will do a dental examination beforehand to check the condition of your enamel even before starting treatment.


Myth # 3: All teeth whitening treatments are created equal

You might have figured it out by reading Myth # 2, but the answer is no! Watch out for “ultra-whitening” toothpastes, DIY recipes found on the web, or long-term use of over-the-counter whitening strips or trays. All of these methods carry risks for the health of your teeth and mouth.


Would you agree to use eye drops if they could interfere with your vision? Would you dare to wear nail polish if it made your nails sore? It’s the same with your teeth.


Take care of your mouth and opt for a professional and safe solution to teeth whitening at the dentist.


Myth # 4: The result of teeth whitening is permanent

In the clinic, comments go from one extreme to the other. Either it is “teeth whitening is permanent,” or “I will have to come back every 2 months to maintain the results.”


The real answer is of course in the middle. No, teeth whitening, even if performed by a professional, is permanent. With age, teeth tend to turn yellow. Some products also cause premature yellowing, such as tobacco, coffee or wine. Normally, the duration of treatment is estimated at around 2 years, after which it may be necessary to make touch-ups to find the desired white. The advantage of doing business with our dental clinic is that you will be able to have a check-up and cleaning appointment.



So, did you have any misconceptions about teeth whitening too? If you want to achieve a radiant smile, make an appointment at our Laval dental clinic today!

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