How to keep your teeth white after tooth whitening?

How to keep your teeth white after tooth whitening?

Contrary to popular belief, the natural color of teeth is greyish or yellowish, rather than white. For a bright white smile, teeth whitening is recommended, as well as certain steps to follow after the treatment for it to have a lasting effect. Here are some good tips from your dentists to keep your teeth white.

Follow care instructions after a tooth whitening treatment

The 48 hours after tooth whitening are particularly important for maintaining the effect of your treatment. You must take care of your diet to avoid staining your teeth, especially avoid coffee, tea and red wine. Consumption of fruit juice, certain vegetables (beets, carrots and spinach), as well as acidic foods should be avoided following your treatment at the dental clinic. If you eat, brush your teeth! Take analgesics if you feel painful. Some symptoms, such as a change in the colour or structure of the gums, are not a concern because they usually do not last long. If discomfort persists, a dentist at an emergency dental clinic will always be there to reassure you!

Thorough and regular dental hygiene

Maintaining good dental hygiene is the healthiest and easiest way to keep your teeth whiter. It is important to brush your teeth regularly and carefully with a toothbrush with soft bristles. For optimal dental hygiene, it is important to brush your teeth for about two minutes, after each meal, to remove any residue left on your teeth and freshen your breath. If you consume acidic foods, wait thirty minutes before brushing your teeth because your enamel is weakened by the consumption of these products. To avoid tooth erosion, it is better to wait or to rinse the excess acidity out of the mouth before brushing. Also change your toothbrush every two months and floss your teeth to remove stubborn residue! By pairing these tips with annual tooth whitening at the dentist, the results will be increased tenfold!

Use the right toothpaste for maximum whiteness

Reducing coffee, wine and quit smoking is a good thing, as much for the quality of your teeth as for your health! Refrain from using colored mouthwashes and toothpastes even those labeled “whitening” because some substances can accelerate some substances can accelerate the yellowing of your teeth. Silica-rich toothpastes must be avoided since they irreversibly damage the enamel when cleaning your teeth. If you use these toothpastes, do it once or twice a week. An effective toothpaste should contain fluoride, which strengthens the enamel; baking soda, a mild cleaning agent for your teeth; and hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient used by dentists in dental clinics in their whitening treatment.


Having white teeth will make you want to smile again! Homemade tricks exist to get whiter teeth, but whitening them in a dental clinic is the most effective way. Teeth whitening is a treatment offered by many dentists, but the use of state-of-the-art equipment, paired with good housekeeping, ensures a lasting result. At DentisteaLaval.com, our dentists are all ears when it comes to your health and your desires – we listen to you.


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