Back to school in good health… oral health!

Back to school in good health… oral health!

September rings and the routine resumes! The holidays are over, it’s the return of lunches, homework and extracurricular activities! Take this opportunity to establish a good dental hygiene routine for your children and to solidify their health habits!


Let’s start by answering the most frequently asked questions of dentists about dental health and school!


Should my child brush their teeth at lunchtime at school?

If it is possible, yes! Depending on your child’s age, if he is able to brush his teeth on his own, it is a good idea to include a toothbrush and toothpaste in his school bag so that he can brush his teeth at midday. A little practical tip to make it easier to think about it: place them directly in the lunch box! All he has to do is go to the bathroom at the end of dinner and voila!


Are there any foods to avoid in the lunchbox for healthy teeth?

Again, the answer is yes. As we know, young people are more at risk of developing cavities. Certain foods, such as sugary foods and sticky foods, create an environment conducive to bacteria that turn into cavities. We therefore want to avoid:

– sugary drinks (soft drinks, juices, sports drinks)

– “fruit roll” style snacks that stick to your teeth

– dried fruits, as they also stick

– candies


We prioritize healthy and fresh foods, such as vegetables and fruit. A large, reusable water bottle is ideal for keeping your child well hydrated throughout their school day without compromising their oral health.


Does my child need a mouth guard?

If your child is athletic and participates in sports at school or as part of organized extracurricular activities, it may be a good idea to get a mouth guard. The mouth guard is used to protect the mouth, lips, cheeks, tongue, jaw and teeth! This is not to be overlooked. Talk to your dentist if you want more advice on this level.


An appointment with the dentist is essential!

In fact, take advantage of the start of the school year to make an appointment with the dentist for the whole household! Do not wait for the schedule to become overcrowded with exams and sports tournaments! Above all, do not wait until your child has cavities or pain in their teeth, which could affect their academic performance and concentration in class.

Good teeth cleaning every 6 months is essential for good oral health!

Make an appointment now at our Laval dental clinic for the whole family!

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