What to do when you break a tooth?

What to do when you break a tooth?

Ouch! Did you ever have an accident and one of your teeth broke? Do not panic! This can be a stressful situation, but your dentist in Laval is there to reassure you and take care of you!


The first step for a broken tooth

Without delay, the first step to take when a tooth breaks is to make an emergency dentist appointment. We offer same day appointments for dental emergencies, call us now!

Make an appointment at our dental clinic in Laval via our form or by calling : 450-664-0600


What to do with the broken tooth?

If you can get and keep the broken piece of tooth, do it! Depending on the type of fracture, your dentist may be able to repair the tooth with the original piece. Store the tooth piece in a clean and safe place:

  • In your mouth, under the tongue, being careful not to swallow it
  • In a glass of milk


If the entire tooth has broken, avoid touching the root and handle it only by the crown (the part of the tooth that you see in the mouth).

While waiting for the dentist appointment

Gently clean your mouth and the area of ​​the broken tooth with lukewarm water or salt water.

If you have pain, you can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for relief. Be careful, however, to respect the maximum doses, even if the pain is very intense.

You can also use ice water compresses on the cheek, at the same level as the injury, to relieve pain.

A broken tooth is not just a cosmetic concern. It is essential to contact the dental clinic as soon as possible in order to plan a repair. Treatment will differ from situation to situation depending on the breakout.

While waiting for your appointment, be careful not to eat hard foods and avoid chewing as much as possible.


How do you repair a broken tooth?

The solutions will depend on your particular situation, the type of fracture and the cause of it. During your appointment, we will conduct a detailed examination to validate the type of breakage and see if the pulp of the tooth is affected.

If the pulp is not affected, the broken piece is usually re-glued, or its replacement with adhesive resin if this is not possible. If the fracture is extensive, your dentist will offer you a crown.

On the other hand, if the pulp is affected, a root canal treatment is needed, followed by the installation of a dental crown.

If the fracture reaches the root of the tooth, your dentist will then need to extract the affected tooth and replace it with a dental bridge, prosthesis or crown.

In any case, the key is to react quickly in order to optimize the repair of your precious smile! We do not wish anyone to break a tooth, but our team of dentists are ready to help you if this situation arises!

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